Next Steps

Pursue growth God's way

You trust Jesus Christ for eternal life yet spiritual growth and transformation are not automatic. What do you do now? Here are a few suggested next steps:

Read God's Word

Read the Bible to gain a closer understanding of God, hear from Him directly, and be shaped by His word.

Download a trustworthy Bible translation (NASB, ESV, NET) ¬†and begin a simple habit of reading God’s Word. Set a time and location to read even one chapter daily, but start small. We recommend you start with the Gospel of John or Paul’s Letter to the Colossians. Use this time to communicate with God as well as to hear from Him: share your heart, pray, and respond.

If you need help understanding what you are reading, we can hook you up with someone to answer any questions.

The goal is to accurately know God and to view everything in life from His point of view.

Choose community

Meet with other believers on Sundays and begin connecting. For your benefit and the benefit of others, make it a weekly habit to attend. The early church “continually devoted themselves to the apostles teaching and to fellowship.

Consider joining a life group or working with a ministry team for increased growth.

The goal is to be known and supported in a grace community, and to know and support others.

Live out your faith in Jesus

By God’s grace, cultivate a heart to obey Jesus. We cannot over-emphasize how vital it is to your spiritual growth that you respond to Jesus and act on the truths that you believe.

Your faith becomes “real” in your personal experience when you choose to obey Jesus as an act of love. Every response to God’s grace opens you to see the faithfulness and wisdom of God in your life. As a result, every time you obey God, you take a step forward in your fellowship with Him.

The goal is to live in accordance with your beliefs and to increase your awe of God.

Tell a friend

Telling others about your new life in Christ gives verbal expression to your faith, which not only invites them to trust Jesus for eternal life but also strengthens your own faith. Sharing what you believe clarifies your beliefs, communicates God’s grace to others, and normalizes talking about Jesus.

The goal is to share your faith openly and unashamedly.


Serving in the church meets needs, builds up the body of Christ, and expresses your identity in Christ and unity in the church. Serving others meets needs and expresses God’s’ love. In a society that is consumed with self and consumption, revive your faith by actively contributing to the church and its mission.

The goal is to love God and people by serving needs as an act of faithful service to Jesus.