Worship: More Than Songs and Sermons

Steve Behlke   -  

As believers, we often think of worship as something we do on Sundays, singing songs and listening to sermons. But worship is so much more than that. It’s a lifestyle, a posture of the heart, a declaration of God’s worthiness to be adored and revered.

In the Greek language, worship is encapsulated in two primary words: latreuo and proskuneo. Latreuo (λατρεύω) signifies service or ministry, underscoring our role as priests offering sacrifices to God. Proskuneo (προσκυνέω) conveys the act of bowing down, kissing, or paying homage, accentuating our humble adoration and reverence for God.

When we worship God, we’re not just singing songs or reciting prayers; we declare His greatness, glory, and love. We say, “God, You are worthy of all my praise, adoration, and devotion.” We say, “You are the One who has redeemed me, saved me, and set me free.”

When we engage in worship, our hearts are open to transformation, our minds are refreshed, and our lives can be revolutionized. We step off the pedestal. We give up our floolish wish to control. We link our hearts to God in His glory, deserving of our faith, honor, and praise, now and for all eternity.